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Sponsorship Rates

The website is supported by corporate sponsors. The advertising rate for 1997 for the Product and Service Directory is $600 per listing, and can be prorated at $50/month for part-year sponsorship. All relevant educational documents will link to the appropriate directory pages, and the advertising rate will be prorated for pages getting below average traffic. Listings on the new Analytical Chemistry Graduate Program Index is $25-50 per year. Contact Science Hypermedia, Inc. for further sponsorship information.

Other Services

We have extensive experience creating educational hypermedia. Contact us for consulting or production of corporate educational or training material for the WWW, intranets, or CD-ROM.

For more information please contact:
Science Hypermedia, Inc.
1400 Gladewood Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24060-2666
phone: (540) 951-4054

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