Electromagnetic Spectrum

Visible Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Type of RadiationFrequency Range (Hz)Wavelength RangeType of Transition
gamma-rays1020-1024<10-12 mnuclear
x-rays1017-10201 nm-1 pminner electron
ultraviolet1015-1017400 nm-1 nmouter electron
visible4-7.5x1014750 nm-400 nmouter electron
near-infrared1012-4x10142.5 um-750 nmouter electron molecular vibrations
infrared1011-101225 um-2.5 ummolecular vibrations
microwaves108-10121 mm-25 ummolecular rotations, electron spin flips*
radio waves100-108>1 mmnuclear spin flips*
*energy levels split by a magnetic field

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