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Introduction | Atomic Spectroscopy | Molecular Spectroscopy | Materials Spectroscopy

1. Introduction

Review Material
Review of electromagnetic radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum.
Introduction to Spectroscopy
A general introduction to the absorption, emission, and scattering of light.
Quantitative Methods
The Beer-Lambert law and quantitative fluorimetry.

2. Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic-Spectroscopy Theory
Transition strengths, excited-state lifetimes, lineshapes, and line broadening of atomic transitions.
Atomic-Absorption Spectroscopy (AA)
Instrumentation and applications of flame and graphite-furnace AA.
Atomic-Emission Spectroscopy (AES)
Excitation sources, instrumentation, and applications of AES.

3. Molecular Spectroscopy

UV-VIS Absorption Spectroscopy
(under construction)
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
(under construction)
Vibrational Spectroscopies
(under construction)
Resonance Spectroscopies
(under construction)

4. Materials and Surface Spectroscopies

X-ray fluorescence
(under construction)
Electron spectroscopies
(under construction)

5. Appendices

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