Webcourse Instructions and User Notes


The goal of this on-line course is to provide the user with an introduction to spectroscopic instrumentation and its use for quantitative analyses. It attempts to put the different spectroscopic techniques in perspective and to show their most appropriate applications.


The course documents and reference material are accessed from the Table of Contents. After reading the review material in the Introduction section, you can continue to any of the other course sections (atomic, molecular, or materials and surfaces).

Many of the reference documents that you will read contain links to remedial material and related topics. Use the remedial links when needed but skip the related topics since you will get to most of them eventually in the course. Separate optics and electronics webcourses are under construction and these topics are not explicitly covered in this course. After reading a reference document, return to a course page with the back arrow. An outline of the course is at the bottom of each course page.

To begin go to the Table of Contents.


No equipment is necessary to take the webcourse but several lab experiments are described in an appendix for use with any instruments that you might have.
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