KAIST, Electrochemistry

Hong-Jeong Kim, Kwang-Seok Yun, Segyeong Joo, Euisik Yoon, and Juhyoun Kwak, "An Infrared Thin-Layer Spectroelectrochemical Cell with Silicon Micromachining Technique," Anal. Sci., 17, a81 - a83 (2001.12.__.)

A novel, silicon based thin-layer spectroelectrochemical cell was constructed with micromachining techniques. The cell consists of an etched cover wafer and a base silicon wafer which contains a whole set of a gold working electrode, a gold counter electrode and an Ag/AgCl reference electrode. The thickness of a cell can be controlled easily by changing the etching time of a cover wafer and some drawbacks (e.g. complexity and high cost) of previous IR thin-layer cells, which have been made by manual combination of electrodes and IR transparent plates, were solved. The performance of the cell was examined by in situ monitoring of FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectra and electrochemical characteristics of Fe(CN)63-/Fe(CN)64- and ferrocene/ferrocenium ion redox couples, respectively. The cell showed capacity for a rapid and exhaustive electrolysis of chemicals in a cell, the typical characteristic of a thin-layer cell, in both aqueous and organic media.