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Natural Products

  1. Alizarin : pdb
    a red pigment from the roots of the madder plant.
  2. C6H8O6 : Ascorbic Acid : pdb
    Vitamin C.
    Information on Vitamin C
    Information on Vitamin C sources
    Mor information on Vitamin C sources
    Microscope Image of Crystals of Vitamin C
    Another Image of Vitamin C Crystals
  3. Caffeine :pdb; gif
    Caffeine FAQ
    Caffeine in Green Tea , includes experimental details, uses hplc.
    Jamaican Coffee
    Tips for breaking the caffeine habit
    Laboratory extraction of caffeine from tea
  4. Camphene : pdb
    constituent of pine oil
  5. Capillin :pdb ;bmp
    an acetylenic ketone which has fungicidal activity.
  6. delta-3 Carene : pdb
    a natural product with a cyclopropyl ring.
  7. (-)-(R)-Carvone : pdb
    from spearmint oil.
  8. (+)-(S)-Carvone : pdb
    from caraway seed.
  9. Cholesterol : pdb
    Steroid transformations
    Lab Isolation of Cholesterol
    Photo Gallery
    Control High Cholesterol Levels
    Cholesterol: Heart and Stroke Guide
  10. (+)Cholic acid : pdb
    a bile acid. 11 stereocentres lead to 2048 possible stereoisomers. Of the these only this one is found naturally.
  11. (+)-trans-chrysanthemic acid :pdb
    a terpene constituent of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium.
  12. Coniine : pdb
    from Hemlock, Socrates' poison.
  13. Ectocarpene : pdb
    volatile sperm cell attractant released by the eggs of the seaweed Ectocarpus siliculosus.
  14. Enanthotoxin (R enantiomer): pdb
    an acetylenic natural product from hemlock water dropwort, the most poisonous plan in England.
  15. Epinephrine, adrenalin : pdb
  16. Humulene : pdb
    terpene constituent of carnation extracts. A cyclo-undecatriene.
  17. Jasmone : pdb
    perfume from oil of jasmine.
  18. (R)-(+)-Limonene :pdb
  19. LSD : pdb
    lysergic acid, diethylamide, a potent hallucinogen
  20. Menthol : pdb
  21. Methyl (R,2E)-tetradec-2,4,5-trienoate : pdb
    Sex attractant of the male dried-bean weevil.
    Naturally optically active due to allene structure
  22. Multifidene : pdb
    female-produced male sperm cell attractant of certain brown alga.
  23. Muscalure, (Z)-9-Tricosene :pdb
    female sex pheromone of the housefly (Musca domestica)
  24. Nicotine : pdb
  25. (3E,13Z)-3,13-Octadecadien-1-ol :pdb
    a pheromone of the poplar twig clearwing moth (Paranthrene tabaniformis)
  26. C21H36O2 : 3-Pentadecylcatechol : pdb
    constituent of the irritant oil of poison ivy.
    other sites:poison ivy
    poison ivy
    poison ivy
    poison ivy
  27. alpha-Pinene : pdb
    major constituent of turpentine.
  28. Piperine : pdb
    compound in black pepper which causes sneezing;
    synthesis: JChemEd,72, A26 (1995)
  29. Pregnenolone : pdb
    Steroid transformations
  30. Quinine : pdb
    antimalarial drug isolated from cinchona bark.
  31. 11-cis-Retinal : pdb
  32. Santene : pdb
    component of East Indian sandelwood oil.
  33. (+)-(2R,3R)-Tartaric Acid : pdb
    by-product of wine making.
  34. (-)-(2S,3S)-Tartaric Acid : pdb
    a rare form of this acid with no optical rotation was called Racemic Acid (from racemus=bunch of grapes, L). Experiment showed that this was a 50-50 mixture of the (+) and (-) forms of tartaric acid (which were separated by hand-picking crystals of the sodium ammonium salt of racemic acid) and this has led all such 50-50 mixtures of the two enantiomers being labelled racemic
  35. (2R,3S)-Tartaric Acid (meso): pdb
  36. Taxol : pdb; jpg
    extracted from bark of Pacific yew tree, of which the supply is limited;
    shows promise in treating certain kinds of cancers.
    www taxol page.
  37. Thymol : pdb
    from oil of thyme.
  38. Tyrian purple : pdb
    6,6'-dibromoindigo. Prepared from sea snails found near the city of Tyre in very low yield (10,000 snails gave 1 g of dye) and so very expensive and available only to royalty.
  39. Vanillin : pdb
    or vanilla.

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