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Note: the database files for the following two search engines will be the only files which will be modified from now (Jan 97) on. The files accessed in the index (below) will no longer be modified when new models are placed on the server.

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    The following models are intended for use where exact interatomic distances and conformations (as might be determined by X-ray analysis for example) are not required. I am using them with beginning students in organic chemistry as educational aids and in 'hyperactive' tutorials on this site.

    I use a commercial programme to obtain x,y,z coordinates and use these in a format usable by RasMol.

    The following molecular files are available as indicated:

    (Suggestions for molecules accepted at the e-mail address at bottom of page.)
    These models are being used in 'Hyperactive Tutorials': organic nomenclature
    All versions of Molecular Models in .pdb Form, including all molecular model coordinate files (the .pdb files) are copyright 1996 by Dave Woodcock, Department of Chemistry, Okanagan University College, BC, Canada.

    If this site is not at note that it may be incomplete.
    The current version of this document is available from Chem at OUC .

    Other sources of molecular models and images.

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